November 29 2015

One And a Half Year of Dread

It’s been too long since we’ve updated the news on our site.
We have been very busy preparing a lot of stuff this year.
Now is the time we think is appropriate to run you through a couple of updates.
So, here we go. Let us recap!

● Our first IP, DreadOut has been completed by releasing our 2nd Act at February 14th. Many thanks to all of our fans that kept supporting us all through the years.

● Nearing the end of our DreadOut development, we were selected by the TGS Committee, sponsored by Sony Playstation Indie Game Area, to present our game at Tokyo Game Show 2014. And another one of our prototype concept have been selected on TGS Sense of Wonder Night show. Many thanks to Fuji TV for covering our game.


● In the middle of DreadOut Act 2 development, we released another new demo for the VR platform, with the support from the wonderful people at OSVR, The game is titled DreadEye VR. Kindly check our demo through here or here


● We’re also currently working with the great people at Intel Corp on our unannounced title, using their cool technology, Real Sense. We called it “Poltergeist Simulator.” Sounds creepy cool right? Stay tuned for our official release :)


● A few months before, we have also worked with the awesome people at Holotech Studios SRL who made the awesome Facerig. We collaborated to bring DreadOut characters as one of their DLCs. Do check out their insanely fun app and grab the DreadOut DLC pack for free. pack for free!


● And last but not least, kindly check out our latest DreadOut standalone expansion teaser; Keepers of the Dark, that will be available soon on Steam. :)


Phew! That’s all folks. Not so bad for two years of no update right? :)
Thank you for checking up on us.
We are looking forward to other great years ahead! See you next year!

All the best,

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